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I am often asked about the CD Slot Mount which was born out of panic, after my mobile GPS was stolen. I wanted to stop the windshield sucker marks that thieves clearly noticed.

With a carefully designed slim profile close to the CD slot for greater stability.

It has the ability to hold a combination of devices in any position side by side using the mounts unique triple ball arrangement.

Please remember your CD discs can still be played while using the CD Slot Mount and your passenger can now within easy reach operate your mobile GPS.

The CD Slot Mount has solved a problem for me and I trust it will be useful to you.

Fully patent protected and shipped today.

For the deeper hold C Grip Plus please click here

The CD Slot Mount 360° comes complete with a fully adjustable and expandable C Grip holder.

This Invention of the Year award road safety product also gives you the opportunity to hold two devices in any position with the new triple ball mounting.

The 2018 Highway Code states that "windshields and windows MUST be kept clean and free from obstructions to vision".

  • Model: CD Slot Mount

Thank you so much, it came today... Absolutely brilliant, I have bought so many phone holders in the past and never found the right one, now I...

Steven Chisnall

This is a WONDERFUL product. So easy to use. Just slide it right into the CD drive of my Lexus ES350 and now my cell phone is front and center on my...

Ryan Anderson

Love my CD Slot Mount. It fits perfectly in my car. No more putting the mount on my windshield, obstructing my views but more importantly, no more...

Becky Robinson